Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go Team NHA!

Three people from the NHA class shot at the Steel Challenge Match at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club today! Julie shot her second one of the year, and Ardi shot her first Steel Challenge match ever.
Steel matches are a little different from regular pistol matches--in steel matches (for three of the stages) you have an array of five steel targets, and you draw and hit each target once for time. Then you reload and holster, and do it again---four more times. Your slowest time is dropped, and your other times are all added together for your score for that stage. All stage times are added up, and the lowest number (the fastest overall time) wins.

In our case, a steel match also includes one or two other stages where it is still all steel, but there might be movement and such, and you only run it once. Still, the total time is your score. There happened to be five stages this time.

Here are some clips from the various stages for both Julie and Ardi:

Good Job!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

More NHA Firearms...

Ardi watched Sabumnim compete in the Weeping Water Gun Club 3-Gun match on 09/06/08 (and the less said about how he did, the better) and afterward, she took some shots with two of the precision rifles that competitors were using.

Ardi has never shot a rifle before, particularly not a rifle like either of these. Her targets? Bowling pins placed 200 yards away.

We teach her some shotgun, and pretty soon she'll be participating in 3-gun matches!