Sunday, August 10, 2008

NHA Firearms - Ardi Shooting Her First Match...

On August 9th, Ardi participated in her first shooting competition--the Rock Your Glock match held at the Izaak Walton range near Lincoln, NE. Here are two of the three stages she shot:

As you can see, she did very well, particularly for someone who just started shooting two months ago. 47 people shot in her division.
  • On the plates, she was one of only 21 people to clear them completely
  • On the "5-to-25" stage, she was 12th in least number of penalty seconds for the stage
  • On the "M" stage, she was 3rd in least number of penalty seconds for the stage
She didn't shoot quickly, but she shot extremely accurately. (And speed will come with repetition, as we all know.) For a first competition she turned in an outstanding performance, as several range officials mentioned throughout the day.

Good job!

And the results are....

...they passed!

Congratulations to Pete, Ardi, Travis, Matt, and Julie for successfully passing their promotional testing and earning their new rank.
A particular note should be made:

The Nebraska Hapkido Association has been holding classes in Nebraska since 1997, and Julie has earned the first black belt that we have ever certified. This is Sabumnim Howard's first full, recognized black belt--and we hope to have many more students reach this milestone in the coming years.